🇺🇸 United States

Do you know your USA geography? Try these games to see how you do.

50 States

Look for basic info and biographies.

50 States

This has links to state visitor information.

50 States Flowers

Find each state’s flower with pictures.

50 States Nicknames

This lists each state the capital, and its nickname.

Postcards from America

Scroll down to find your state listed on the left side.

Statehood Dates

Discover when your state joined the United States.

Outline Maps

Find your state’s map.

Enchanted Learning

State Facts and Symbols

State Census Facts

How many people live in your state?

Stately Knowledge

Find basic facts for any state.

Ben’s Guide

Quick facts about your state.

Learn the Capitals

Games to practice what you know. 

Social Studies for Kids

Find basic information about your state.

Landform Atlas

Choose historic, relief or satellite maps.

Fact Monster

All kinds of trivia is found here.

Here’s another fabulous resource – Interactive United States Maps. Find information about landforms, cities, National Parks, landmarks, and more!

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