1st Grade Projects 17-18

Welcome to 1st Grade Showcased Work!


The students have created animal videos from what they learned after reading books from Unite for Literacy. Click on the teacher’s name below to view their videos.

Mrs. Crumley

Mrs. Hutchinson

Mrs. Kee

What fun we had during Seuss week! We read What Pet Should I Get by Dr. Seuss and the students created and illustrated their new pets. Each child created a page in the Book Creator app and then these were combined into one class book. The video version of the book has  been uploaded to the class Seesaw journal and are also posted below. Below are links to the ePub books that can be downloaded to an iPhone or iPad that has the iBooks app installed.

Mrs. Crumley’s Book of Crazy Pets

Mrs. Hutchinson’s Book of Crazy Pets

Mrs. Kee’s Book of Crazy Pets




First graders have been hard at work again with their Spanish projects. This time the children wrote about animals.

If you want to view the work as an ePub book, you’ll need to be on an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) with iBooks installed. Click on the link below, choose download, then “open in iBooks.” The video versions have been uploaded to Seesaw.

Mrs. Crumley’s ¿Qué animal es?

Mrs. Kee’s ¿Qué animal es?

Mrs. Hutchinson’s class is still working on the book. Individual books have been uploaded to Seesaw.

Click here to learn about the students recording in Spanish. Be sure to check Seesaw to hear your child’s recording. Sra. Ross asked students to say what was in their paper backpacks (En Mi Mochila Tengo . . .)

The children came to the lab to make sticker books. Working in pairs, each partner created 5 pages of “stickers” and labeled each page with 10 + adjective + noun (name of the sticker). We used the Drawing Pad app to make the sticker pages and the Book Creator app to pull everything together. Click on the students’ names to view their Book of 100 Stickers.

Mrs. Crumley’s Class:

Yohannes and Maxwell Anna and Amelia William and Dylan Rose Peyton and Elanor Cailyn and Olive
Allie and Owen Isa and Hodges Janie, Andy, & Audrey Thomas and Arwen Sam and Desmond


Mrs. Hutchinson’s Class:  (More coming soon!)

Andrew and Paige Ean and Cutter Lily and Lark Audrey and Alex Elisabeth and Jackson Ella and Salina
Carver and Emma Emily and Luke William and Ian Harper and Ally Samantha and Mrs. H.


Mrs. Kee’s Class:  (More coming soon!)

Amelia & Casper Sana & Charlotte Lily & Julia Graham & Nikki Donovan & Mrs. K Felix & Bonnie
Nathan & Emme Samantha & Reed Daniel & Will Annabella & Max Lauren & Caroline

Click here to read about code.org activities.

Watch the first graders explore Ozobots.

Learning to read includes using text and picture clues to make predictions on what will happen next. We read the book, It Could Have Been Worse by AH Benjamin and stopped about halfway through the story. The students then used the Book Creator app to illustrate, write, and record their predictions. Here are the class stories.

Below the videos are directions to download the project as an ePub book that can be read on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone).

Mrs. Hutchinson’s Class

Mrs. Kee’s Class

Mrs. Crumley’s Class



I love the “feel” of turning the pages with an ePub book and Book Creator allows you to read this way. You do not need Book Creator to read the book. You WILL need the iBooks app to read the book. And, you MUST use an iOS device (iPhone or iPad). Unfortunately, this will not open on a MacBook, PC, or Android device.

Directions to download books to your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc):

  • You will need the iBooks app (free) installed on your iOS device.
  • Click on the book link below (while on your iOS device).
  • Tap on the download button.
  • Choose Open in iBooks
  • The book is now in iBooks on your iOS device.


Links to books:


Even though it’s supposed to be a warm week, the trees are changing colors so we took a trip to the alumni courtyard to draw fall pictures using the Seesaw App. Here’s a look at the beautiful fall drawings.

To prepare for Halloween, our first graders used Pic Collage for Kids to show off their hand-drawn versions of their costumes. Click here to read about the process involved. Enjoy the video of their creations.

The students have been doing a variety of activities in Seesaw so that they can learn how to upload their work. Seesaw is a digital portfolio. We wrote “About Me” emoji stories recently to learn about the NOTE function. Here’s a look at the students hard at work!

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