3rd Grade Projects 17-18

Welcome to 3rd Grade Showcased Work!


Take a look at the “Scribble” Challenge. Click on the links to view the class books.



Have you ever read 21 Elephants and Still Standing? This is a true story about P.T. Barnum leading his circus elephants across the new Brooklyn Bridge to prove that it really could hold the weight of anything that crossed it. The third graders were challenged to design and build a prototype bridge to hold 21 toy circus animals. Read about what they did here.

Here is a video of the students hard at work!

What a fun time we had during Seuss Week! Two of the 3rd grade classes were able to come to the lab to hear the Dr. Seuss story, I Wish I Had Duck Feet. The students were asked to choose a body part from an animal and say how that would help them. However, with the advantages that come with  those parts, there just might be something that could go wrong. Enjoy how the students created some wacky new parts!

To download the ePub books, click on the links below while on an iOS device (an iPad or iPhone). Choose download then “Open in iBooks” (make sure you have the iBooks app downloaded on your device).

Mrs. Gramentine’s Class:  I Wish that I Had . . .

Mr. Reinhold’s Class:  I Wish that I Had . . .


We now have Sphero SPRK+ robots. The third graders were the first group to use them. Chick here to read about how the students explored the Sphero EDU app to program these little robots.

Watch a video of the students working with the Ozobots.


To review the importance of writing quality posts and comments, the students did some “table blogging” – taking advantage of our new whiteboard tables. They wrote a post about their favorite food and then visited each other’s blogs and left comments. Soon, we’ll be blogging online! Enjoy  videos about each class.

Mrs. Gramentine’s Class

Table Blogging with Mrs. Gramentine’s Class from Trinity Valley School on Vimeo.

Mr. Reinhold’s Class

Table Blogging with Mr. Reinhold’s Class from Trinity Valley School on Vimeo.

Mrs. Weth’s Class

Table Blogging with Mrs. Weth’s Class from Trinity Valley School on Vimeo.

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