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2018-19 Blogs

Second Grade Blogs

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Third Grade Blogs

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Mrs. Gramentine’s Class

Mrs. Weth’s Class

Fourth Grade Blogs

Mr.d’Auteuil’s Class

Mr. Melton’s Class

Mrs. Sosa’s Class

 Do you need ideas for blog writing? Click below!


Blogging is more than just writing one or two words, or even just a sentence. Here are some tips to help you become an expert blogger.

When you write a comment, try to . . .


1.  Acknowledge the author.

2.  Agree or disagree and tell why.

3.  Be appropriate.

4.  Be polite (even when you disagree).

5.  Give details, ask a question, or add information.

6.  Write comments that relate to the post.

7.  Comments should be more than 1 or 2 sentences.


When you write a post . . .

1.   A quality post is more than 2 or 3 sentences.

2.  Write to create a conversation. Your goal is to get others to make comments on what you post.

3.  Create a “catching” title to get people’s interest.

4.  Pull the reader in with your first sentence. Entice them to want to read more.

5.  Provide details.

6.  Have a strong conclusion – you can even end with a question to encourage conversations.

7.  Be polite and appropriate.

8. Make sure your post is related to learning.


Whether you write a comment or a post, remember to:


Proofread before submitting! Check for proper punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. NO text talk! Only one emoticon and only one exclamation mark!


Why Blog?

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