Practice Coding with These Activities


 Besides using the app, you can play Kodable online. Enter your class code at school (on your log in information sheet). This is usually your teacher’s name but might be slightly different. If you aren’t sure, ask Mrs. Arrington.



Click on your teacher’s name to practice.

Mrs. Monroe Mrs. Moore Mrs. Rea
Mrs. Crumley Mrs. Hutchinson Mrs. Kee
Ms. Isbell Mr. Perryman Mrs. Zabriskie
Mrs. Collins Mrs. Gramentine Mrs. Weth
Mr. d’Auteuil Mr. Melton Mrs. Sosa

For the next activities, be sure to log in to your code.org account by clicking on your teacher’s name above. Then return to this page and click on the activity you want to do.



WOW! Build your own apps!

More Fun Ways to Code!

Lightbot on the Web!
Click on the picture.

Street Artist
Follow the directions!
 Alice in Wonderland
Help Alice catch the rabbit.
from the Creators of Lightbot

 Code Monkey


Resources for Teachers and Parents:

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