3rd Grade Work 18-19

Take a Look at What We’ve Been Creating!

Table Blogging! To prepare for online blogging, we began with writing a post on the tables. Here’s a look at the students writing their blogs. Click here to read more information about the process.


After reading, If I Had Eleven Toes by Jill D. Clark, the students were asked to think of something they would like to have that might just make their lives a bit easier. Enjoy their books!

Mrs. Collins’ Class:  If I Had . . .

Mrs. Gramentine’s Class:  If I Had . . .

Mrs. Weth’s Class:  If I Had . . .

You may also save the book to iBooks (now called Books) if you click on the links below while on an iOS device (iPad). Choose DOWNLOAD when prompted with “No preview available.” Choose OPEN IN “BOOKS” when prompted.

Mrs. Collins’ Book

Mrs. Gramentine’s Book

Mrs. Weth’s Book

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