Kinder Work 18-19

Look What We’ve Been Doing in the iLab!

For Gump Day, we read a book about a little boy’s monster under the bed who left a note saying he was going fishing. The children drew silly monsters and then recorded what they would like their monster to do to help them around the house.

Read more about the creation of these books in my post, Kinder Meets Book Creator. If you would like to download the books to your iOS device, visit the blog for the links and information on how to do that. (If your child’s work is not in the book, it’s because they were absent on the day the class came to the iLab.)

Here are their videos as well as links to their books.

Mrs. Moore’s Class:  (Click here for the book.)

Mrs. Rea’s Class:  (Click here for the book.)

Mrs. Monroe’s Class (Click here for the book.)

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